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  • A Descriptive Test Bank for Introductory Statistics, 9/E By Neil Weiss, ISBN-10: 0321897196 ISBN-13: 9780321897190

  • Test Bank for American Politics Today, Core Fourth Edition

  • Race and Ethnicity in the United States 8th Edition Schaefer Test Bank Download

    • Title: Test Bank for Clinical Procedures for Medical Assistants 8th Edition by Bonewit-West
    • Edition: 8th Edition
    • ISBN-10: 1437719996
    • ISBN-13: 978-1437719994

    Master the content from your textbook with this helpful study tool! Corresponding to the chapters in Clinical Procedures for Medical Assistants, 8th Edition, by Kathy Bonewit-West, this study guide helps you understand and apply material with exercises, activities, checklists, review questions, and more.

    • Chapter assignment sheets, study guide assignment sheets, and laboratory assignments make it easy to get organized and prepare for what’s coming next.
    • Pre-tests and posttests provide a quick assessment of your knowledge.
    • Key term assessments with matching exercises help in mastering new vocabulary.
    • Critical thinking activities utilize realistic situations to help you analyze and apply what you’ve learned with games, role-playing situations, fun crossword puzzles, and independent study questions.
    • Evaluation of Learning questions let you assess your understanding, evaluate progress, and prepare for the certification examination.
    • Practice for Competency sections offer extra practice on clinical skills presented in the book.
    • Evaluation of Competency checklists evaluate your performance versus stated objectives and performance standards, updated with the new CAAHEP and ABHES standards.
    • Video evaluation activities reinforce the procedures demonstrated on the textbook DVDs.
    • Additional charting exercises let you practice documentation.
    • Apply Your Knowledge questions ask you to think critically and quiz yourself on various aspects of the chapter.
    • Practicum activities and worksheets help you learn how your practicum site functions.
  • Handbook for the Humanities 1st Edition DiYanni Benton Test Bank Download

    • Publisher: Cengage Learning; 7 edition (January 1, 2014)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1285067843
    • ISBN-13: 978-1285067841

    Now with even more real-world examples throughout and comprehensive coverage of qualitative methods, the Seventh Edition of the market-leading RESEARCH METHODS FOR CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND CRIMINOLOGY combines the scholarship, accuracy, and conversational tone of Earl Babbie’s best-selling THE PRACTICE OF SOCIAL RESEARCH with Mike Maxfield’s expertise in criminology and criminal justice. Providing the most comprehensive, authoritative introduction to criminal justice research available today–and enhanced by new examples, research, applications, and built-in study tools–this edition continues its focus on getting students to DO research.
  • Human Genetics Concepts and Applications 10th Edition Lewis Test Bank Download

    • Title: Test Bank for Managing Quality Integrating the Supply Chain 5th Edition by Foster
    • Edition: 5th Edition
    • ISBN-10: 0132737981
    • ISBN-13: 978-0132737982

    Understanding quality management through a unifying framework.

    Managing Quality
    is a comprehensive introduction to the field of quality management that presents a supply chain theme as the unifying framework for quality improvement.

    This edition of the text has been updated with many changes to highlight cutting-edge, quality topics.

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    • Title: Test Bank for Building a Medical Vocabulary 7th Edition by Leonard
    • Edition: 7th Edition
    • ISBN-10: 1437727840
    • ISBN-13: 978-1437727845

    The language of medicine is complex, but learning it doesn’t have to be. Using a conversational writing style and a logical, programmed approach, Building a Medical Vocabulary with Spanish Translations, 8th Edition starts with common words you hear everyday and adds new root words, prefixes, and suffixes to introduce you to key medical terminology. Additionally, this valuable text comes with a wealth of engaging review tools – such as interactive games, sound files, and Programmed Learning sections – to enhance your understanding of textbook terms and principles, polish your pronunciation skills, and help you get comfortable communicating in the language of health care.

    • Programmed Learning sections allow you to actively participate in learning and get instant feedback on your progress.
    • Thorough explanation of terms presents vocabulary in the context of medical settings to improve your understanding and term recall.
    • Consistent format in body systems chapters categorizes terms as anatomic, diagnostic, or therapeutic to acquaint you with the type of discussion that is occurring in health care reports.
    • Direct, conversational writing style makes reading and absorbing the material enjoyable.
    • Bookmark pronunciation guide doubles as a device to cover the answer column while working in the Programmed Learning sections of the text.
    • Health Care Reports and case studies encourage you to apply your knowledge to job-like situations.
    • Be Careful with These caution boxes highlight important distinctions you need to make among terms that are similar in spelling and/or pronunciation.
    • Function First sections introduce you to physiology and why each body system is important.
    • Moderate A&P coverage provides just the right amount of information you need to understand body systems in the context of medical terminology.
    • Spanish translations familiarize you with the most common Spanish terminology that you are likely to encounter in the clinical environment.
    • Pharmacology coverage introduces key drug classes for disorders of each body system and offers more detailed information in the appendix.
    • Comprehensive end-of-chapter reviews bring learning “full circle” and allow you to measure your learning against chapter objectives.
    • Comprehensive Review chapter integrates terms from throughout the text to prepare you for your final examination.
    • Online sound files provide audible reinforcement of correct pronunciations.
    • Student Resources on Evolve feature engaging activities and tools to further your understanding of terms and concepts from the text.
    • Glossary/Index eases the process of finding a word and its definition in the text.
    • NEW! Word-building and word analysis exercises reinforce word parts and meanings.
    • Upgraded art program offers more pathologic and diagnostic photos as well as more explanatory diagrams of physiology.
    • Mini-glossaries in the body systems chapters add “rapid-fire” recall and help break up programmed learning blocks.
    • Beyond the Blueprint provides additional information about terms, including their extended meanings beyond what can be determined by word part analysis.
    • Career Profiles cover job realities and insights from practicing professionals to expose you to a variety of different medical careers.
    • Understanding Relationships of Terms sections group terms by medical application in an end-of-chapter list to reinforce your understanding of terminology.
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  • Medical Terminology A Living Language 6th Edition Fremgen Frucht Test Bank Download

    • Publisher: Prentice Hall; 2 edition (July 23, 2014)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0133418820
    • ISBN-13: 978-0133418828

    Structural Steel Design: A Practice-Oriented Approach, 2e, bridges the gap between theory and practice, helping readers learn the basics of steel design and how to practically apply that learning to actual steel-framed building projects.

    Teaching and Learning Experience

    • Takes a holistic approach by showing how each individual component design in a steel-framed building is incorporated into a complete building design as one would find in practice.
    • Introduces a design project as part of the end-of-the-chapter problems to expose readers to the important aspects of a real-world steel building design project.
  • Organic Chemistry 9th Edition McMurry Test Bank Download

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